Enjoy the Journey

I was watching a man in a kayak the other day. The tide was going out and he was trying to come in, without much luck.

He would paddle for all he was worth, and make some headway, then when he had to rest, he went backward to where he started.

I’ve been there several times in my life, not in a kayak, just in circumstances.

When I was younger, I used to think I had to paddle harder, but I never seemed to get where I wanted.

Now life has taught me to pull over to the side, enjoy the day and wait for the tide to change.

Seem to be getting where I want to go a lot faster and with a lot more fun.

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7 Words for Contentment

summer picWhen I’m in situations, which seemed to be going against my desires or expectations, there were two sets of thoughts I found to be helpful. One contains four words “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”, and the other three words, “WHAT IS, IS”. 

Think of what you individually were doing five years ago. It may have been a wonderful time or a very painful time, but in either case, it is now in the past. The same thing applies to today. Five years from now, all you are experiencing will be a part of history and you will be involved in new challenges and adventures. So whatever is going on, remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Today, however, there may be difficult things happening, which may provide roadblocks to our dreams. If we demand what is happening shouldn’t be happening, we have to again ask, how much control do I have over these circumstances? Most likely, very little. Thus, look at the circumstances of today and admit, WHAT IS; IS. We may not like what is, but let’s face reality, what is; is. Now let’s work on solution rather than demanding the problem should not exist.

WHAT IS; IS.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Seven word for contentment. Let me know what your thoughts are by entering them in the comment section below.


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