Harmony in Life


I was with this person the other day who just didn’t like anything. I mean anything. Didn’t like getting up, going to bed, walking, riding, etc. They just thought life sucked. It’s sad when you meet people like that, but sometimes you just need to leave them alone before they pull you down in the mud with them.

Over the years I’ve learned to try to balance my thinking by going to the opposite thought. Looking around me I realized that life has a harmony about it. If there is a right, there has to be a left. If there is up, there is going to be down. Front, back; in, out. You get the picture.

So if I am feeling down about something, I need to balance it with an up thought. For example, I messed up something the other day and proclaimed to myself, “I’m an idiot.” At the moment, the statement had some merit, but it was only half the story. My balance statement was “I’m very cleaver.” Both statements are true, so why just dwell in the negative? There are probably a lot of things we have done wrong in our life, so isn’t it refreshing to know we have done so many good things too. 

One of my thoughts during my journey was the desire to write a book. It took fifty years to finally balance “I can’t write a book,” with the thought “I can write a book.” It brought such harmony I wrote several. Check out my progress (Click Here).


Every new year there is an abundance of thought about new beginnings. We go over the events of the last year and set goals for the new life before us. Someone once kept a log of his new years resolutions:

2009: I will not spend my money frivolously.
2010: I will pay off my bank loan promptly.

2011: I will pay off my bank loans promptly.
2012: I will begin making a strong effort to be out of debt by 2013.
2013: I will be totally out of debt by 2014.

2014: I will try to pay off the debt interest by 2015.
2015: I will try to be out of the country by 2016.


I guess we all like to think of new beginnings as a place of escaping from old problems. It is a fact that every new beginning means something has to end. Problem is, we often feel the past is so painful that the future is just too hard to visualize. 

Maybe we need to be like the caterpillar. When he believes he has reached the end of life, the butterfly has just found a new beginning. Let’s resolve not to look back on what might have been and simply look forward to what will be. 

Have a Happy and joy filled New Year. If you have time– check out my new book series


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What is, is.


I was listening to some people the other day as they talked about their lives.
Seemed to me they were spending a lot of time worrying about what might happen in the future, and then filled the spaces in between with being depressed about what had happened in the past.
I decided two things,

1. I didn’t want to listen to them anymore

2. It is a lot better if we just live with three words, What is, is.

Cant change the past, and sure don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that right now, what is, is.
And as far as I am concerned, it is good.

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Starting over

Woke up this morning and got out of bed.

Stepped on something sharp that really hurt.

As I hobbled around with my pain, I stubbed my toe on the door.

Finally got to the kitchen and found the coffee pot unplugged.

As I glanced out the window I saw it was raining and miserable.

Went back to bed and pulled the covers over me.

Took a few deep breaths, thought of something I was grateful for,  and then got up and tried again. 

Sometimes it is just a good idea to start over with a new perspective.


Coming October 2013

Coming October 2013

Have a new book about to be published called “Off the Hook.” It is a mystery/romance with a paranormal twist. The twist is the introduction of a spirit guide called Seth who intervenes in the main characters life with dramatic consequences. According to the dictionary – paranormal means outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation, which is a very wide degrees of material.

To me the spiritual part of life is vital for successful navigation of our journey. I have come to dislike religion and religious dogma as they seem to limit understanding rather than expand it. I have many experiences in my life that can only be attributed to spiritual or paranormal activity. Carl Jung coined the phrase “Synchronistic” to explain coincidences with meaning in our lives. I believe these synchronistic experiences are direct guidance from the larger universe  that are given to help us in our journey.

In Off the Hook, Seth is just such a help as he provides direction and help beyond normal understanding. Just curious, anyone else ever had “paranormal” experience that change their lives. Love to hear your thoughts.

Supernatural direction?


In my new book “Off the Hook”, the main character suddenly finds her thoughts and actions being orchestrated by an outside force. She can either ignore these new instructions or follow them. She decides to follow and her life takes a drastic new direction.

In my life I have had moments when it seems my courses or ideas come from thoughts I never considered. I do believe there are spiritual guides to assist us in our journey, but wonder if others ever had this occurrence.

I once had the responsibility for moving an organization to a new location. It was a difficult task and I was unsure how to proceed. As I stood with a group of people, I heard someone behind me say “TRIBECA”. I turned and there was no person to be found. I asked someone what “TRIBECA” was and they indicated it was an area in lower Manhattan, New York. I went to TRIBECA and immediately found the perfect building for the move. There have been many other instances when these “coincidences “ took place and they always produced very interesting conclusions.

Please share your thoughts on this type of “supernatural” experience. I would really like to know I am not the only weird person on the planet.