Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. Lot of people are complaining about a lot of things and I hope they can give it a rest on Thanksgiving. I have to consciously remind myself that today is a great day. It is the only today I will ever have because it will become yesterday when I reach tomorrow.

 I have concluded if I spend too much time thinking about yesterday, I will not enjoy today.

 On the other hand, if I spend all my time worrying about tomorrow, I will once again not enjoy today. 

So my intention is to simply enjoy today! So far – so good. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am also thankful for the privilege of being able to write books others can read. If you have spare time, check out my books and audiobooks (click here)

What is, is

Listened to some people the other day as they talked about their lives.

Seemed to me they were spending a lot of time worrying about what might happen in the future. When they stopped they filled the remaining spaces being depressed about what had happened in the past.

I decided two things;

 1. I didn’t want to listen to them anymore

 2. It is a lot better if we just live with three words;  What is, is.

Can’t change the past, and sure don’t know what the future holds, but I do know right now; what is, is. j-and-t

    And as far as I’m concerned; it is good!






I wrote a book called Forever Yours. It is about a couple who meet in the 60’s and spend their journey together finding out how to remain loving and content as they face the trials and uncertainties of the evolving American dream. Jeff finds his voice in a society undergoing a cultural and emotional revolution. Beth embraces the new independence of the modern woman. Their love grows until in the end, not even death can keep them apart. Click here to see more on Amazon.






People sometimes ask me to share my thoughts on things. I’am not big on doing this as I’m basically a private person. However, about three years ago I wrote a book called I AM ADAM, in which I shared my thoughts, in a fictional way, about what may have happened in the Garden of Eden.

Book did well overseas, developed a good following but not so much in the USA. So, having lost partial sanity, I AM ADAM is now being given away free where I SHARE MY THOUGHTS about the story of ADAM and EVE (who were both know as Adam in the bible). 

I am sure my thoughts will open a can of worms in many ways, but what the heck – they are only my thoughts. All the FREE stuff is found by CLICKING HERE.

Would love for you to share your thoughts if you want. It has been a while since I had to run for cover. LOL

My work as a therapist

While writing is a passion, my other life is as a therapist. My wife, Janetta and I have a practice in Manhattan and Long Beach, Long Island plus we also do internet work. This is a new video  we produced, so I thought I would share it with you. Our website is