Books are my passion. I have written several and plan to have more before I’m finished. I love bookstores,  libraries, bookcases, and anyplace else the printed word may find a resting spot. I love to turn a page, fold a corner, underline passages that touch me and then write thoughts in the margin for later use.

With some hesitancy I began to publish my books as eBooks on the internet. I was assured this was a good way to reach more people, and it conserved on paper. I acquiesced, put my books as eBooks and found there was some truth to all these rumors.

Now I have a Kindle, which is a devise used by to publish and read eBooks. Honestly, I love my Kindle and take it with me everyplace I go. I have over 50 books in it which I can look at as I please.

Nevertheless, I still love to hold a book and turn the page. Some things just are too good to change. Want to hold a book and turn a page try my book Forever Yours (click here) d1f28-forever2byurs2bcover


Catch and Release copy


Reviews are 5 Star – here are the latest:

Well written and intelligent book…Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views
I would recommend “Catch and Release” to those readers who enjoy pretty hard-core suspense books and who do not object to explicit content and language. It is a well written and intelligent book…

Readers’ hearts will be beating hard as they join in this adventure  Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 

5.0 out of 5 stars Kaye Trout –  Action, suspense, superhero, romance and true love.

When Catch and Release arrived, I didn’t know if I’d do a review or not. Then I opened the book, read the prologue and was delightfully hooked…only putting it down when the need for sleep or the demands of life prevailed.

And so, what do we have here and why is it so special? First, we have a suspense-filled, mystery/romance, fiction/non-fiction novel guaranteed to engage and hold you to the very end. And second, as to why it’s so special, we have a gifted, consummate author, J. T. Twerell, who takes us on a trip which feels believable and so we follow as he leads us through the convoluted maze he’s created.

      He writes in the third party about Jennifer Blade, “J”, the complicated femme fatale who continually morphs as we try to define and trust her. Dr. Steve Sanders, a New York therapist, is our first-party-perspective protagonist who also tries to define, trust and love “J”. The uniqueness and quality of the novel stem from the non-fictional psychotherapeutic insights into human nature and Steve’s subtle, easy-going humor and personal therapist, Johnny Red.

     The story flows–keeping those pages turning-and is nicely balanced. The references to the `catch and release’ concept throughout ties it all together. Catch and Release has enough naked ladies, action and suspense to keep the men interested and enough female superhero, romance and true love for the women. It would be a delightful movie. Highly recommended.

To take a look or a listen (click here). 



Over the last years I have stumbled around the internet in an attempt to understand social media. I made a web site (no easy task), a twitter (not sure if it is a site or a tweet or just a spot), several Facebook pages (sometime confusing as to which one to use), a blog about me ( and now this site. 

It sounded like a good idea, but several hours later, not sure what I accomplished or who will see it.

All this and all I ever wanted to do was write books about things that rattle around in my brain and need an outlet. So now I will return to my books and then give some daily thoughts on this blog. If you have thoughts you would like to share, feel free to do so. If I figure things out, I may even reply to you.

Thanks to all.  JTT