Reality TV???

reality tv

I was running through the cable channels the other night when I spied a woman with her face in a tank of snakes. I had to stop and see what in the world was going on with this show.

I discovered she was taking snakes off her husband, who was laying in the tank. She did this with her mouth and then moved the snakes to another tank while holding them in her mouth! In another episode the couple had to jump from a moving bus to a helicopter and then jumped from the helicopter to a platform in the water. On the platform was a tower they had to explode.


Looking through the listings I found Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, Atlanta and someplace else. These real housewives are as crazy as the inhabitants of Jersey Shore, which I am proud to say I never watched. 

How about Jon and Kate plus 8 which ended up Kate plus 8 when Jon bailed out on the marriage. Maybe he should join Sister Wives about a polygamist family. 

I think we have become a nation of people who want to live our lives through the stupidity of others. There is a slogan that says “DON’T TRUST A NATION THAT NEEDS MEDICATION!” I think our reality shows demonstrate the truth of that thought. 

There is another thought that “Truth is often stranger than fiction.” Think I will stick to fiction. If you want to join me here is a great book (click here for more information).


beach book

I really enjoy the process of writing books. Over the years, as a therapist, I undertook the creation of various papers and non-fiction books about psychology and counseling, but fiction was something I never tried.

Then a few years ago I decided to open the locked doors of my mind and provide freedom for the characters that live there.

For those who write and create fiction, you know what a fascinating adventure this process provides. If you never tried it, give it a go and you will find a world of unexplored adventures awaits you.

On any given day, you may fall in love, have a fight, murder someone, rescue a person in distress, cause a national disaster, sail the Caribbean and a thousand other exploits limited only by your imagination. I would love to have others share their thoughts on this fantastic gift of creative expression.

Now if I can just find the same joy when it comes to marketing creative works, life will be even better. I think I will just write about a cooperative literary agent and a loving editor who have come to make my life simple. Ah, I do love fiction.


Why Write?

Having just finished the arduous task of getting a book published, I am in the place of wondering why I write. 

final cover

Winston Churchill once said “Writing is an Adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.” 

Anyone who has ever taken on the task of putting thought on paper can agree with that understanding. However, I would add, once you fling it to the public, then you become a drooling idiot who tries to get people to read the thing you once loved so much. 

I guess writing a book is like raising a child; you always love them, they make you very happy and cause you great pain. But in the end, you wouldn’t live life without them. If you want to visit my “children” Click here. While your there tell them I love them even if I grumble a lot.