People sometimes ask me to share my thoughts on things. I’am not big on doing this as I’m basically a private person. However, about three years ago I wrote a book called I AM ADAM, in which I shared my thoughts, in a fictional way, about what may have happened in the Garden of Eden.

Book did well overseas, developed a good following but not so much in the USA. So, having lost partial sanity, I AM ADAM is now being given away free where I SHARE MY THOUGHTS about the story of ADAM and EVE (who were both know as Adam in the bible). 

I am sure my thoughts will open a can of worms in many ways, but what the heck – they are only my thoughts. All the FREE stuff is found by CLICKING HERE.

Would love for you to share your thoughts if you want. It has been a while since I had to run for cover. LOL

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