Lessons from the playground

Watched some children on a playground the other day.

One wanted to come down the slide.

      Another was at the bottom wanting to climb up to the top.

They fought about this until one finally came down and ran into the one climbing up.

Then they both fell off the slide and started crying.

Obviously, this was not what they planned for the playground.

Later,  I turned on the news and watched two Senators fighting with each others about some stupid bill.

Turned the news off. I knew how this would end. I saw it on the playground.

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I was with this person the other day who just didn’t like anything. I mean anything. Didn’t like getting up, going to bed, walking, riding, etc. They just thought life sucked. It’s sad when you meet people like that, but sometimes you just need to leave them alone before they pull you down in the mud with them.

Over the years I’ve learned to try to balance my thinking by going to the opposite thought. Looking around me I realized that life has a harmony about it. If there is a right, there has to be a left. If there is up, there is going to be down. Front, back; In, out. You get the picture.

So if I am feeling down about something, I need to balance it with an up thought. For example, I messed up something the other day and proclaimed to myself, “I’m an idiot.” At the moment, the statement had some merit, but it was only half the story. My balance statement was “I’m very cleaver.” Both statements are true, so why just dwell in the negative? There are probably a lot of things we have done wrong in our life, so isn’t it refreshing to know we have done so many good things too.