Politically Correct

This is definitely the age of being politically correct. As I found out doing this blog, it is easy to offend somebody when that is the last thing on my mind. I did some checking and here are some of the politiaclly correct terms for today.
Illegal Immigrant —- Undocumented Worker
Global Warming —- Climate Change
Liberal, Socialist, Communist —- Progressive
Conservative —- Wingnut
Illegal Voter —- Undocumented Citizen
Failure —- Pre-achiever
Drug Dealer —- Undocumented Pharmacist
Smack, Meth, Crack, Weed —- Non-prescribed Pharmaceuticals
Bribe —- Unearned Bonus
Kickback —- Public Service Bonus
Crook —- Pre-ethical Citizen
Wanted Criminal —- Person of Interest
Polygamy —- Undocumented Multicultural Marriage
Earmark —- Investment in District
Deficit —- Investment by Future Workers
Dropout —- Undocumented Early Graduate
Con Artist —- Undocumented Attorney
Politician —- Un-indicted Co-conspirator
Death —- Healthcare Cost Reduction
Dead —- Reduced Carbon Footprint

These are just some of what is now “PC”.Therefore, from this point forward please do not refer to me as old;
I am not old, I am chronologically gifted.

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