Coming October 2013

Coming October 2013

Have a new book about to be published called “Off the Hook.” It is a mystery/romance with a paranormal twist. The twist is the introduction of a spirit guide called Seth who intervenes in the main characters life with dramatic consequences. According to the dictionary – paranormal means outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation, which is a very wide degrees of material.

To me the spiritual part of life is vital for successful navigation of our journey. I have come to dislike religion and religious dogma as they seem to limit understanding rather than expand it. I have many experiences in my life that can only be attributed to spiritual or paranormal activity. Carl Jung coined the phrase “Synchronistic” to explain coincidences with meaning in our lives. I believe these synchronistic experiences are direct guidance from the larger universe  that are given to help us in our journey.

In Off the Hook, Seth is just such a help as he provides direction and help beyond normal understanding. Just curious, anyone else ever had “paranormal” experience that change their lives. Love to hear your thoughts.

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