Modern Romance

modern romance 

The term modern romance often conjures up thought s of hot steamy love affairs with fantasy men and perfect women. While these creative stories may be part of the focus for some genre, to me the core to understanding this aspect of human interaction begins with an appreciation of the modern woman. The last forty years served as a backdrop for the emergence of women into a world that was, in many ways, ill prepared for her arrival.


While the women’s movement of the 60’s paved a new road, the true modern woman is not defined or constrained by social\political ideals. Rather, she is a woman who walks upon a stage as an equal and not as a possession. In her daily journey she still struggles with equality in many segments, however her main stress often comes not from without but from within.

“Now that I can be what I want, who am I?” The urge to be competitive in the new open market and still maintain her own unique feminine identity continues to be a daily battle for the modern woman.   In my opinion, when contemporary romance is explored, this struggle needs to come to the forefront. While it is still an enjoyable fantasy to dream of a shipwreck on a deserted Island with a rock solid male providing every aspect of romance and sexual intrigue, it is simply a fantasy.

My wife, Dr. Janetta Astone Twerell and I are both practicing therapist in the New York City metropolitan area where we work with men, women and couples who attempt to navigate the maze of relationships in this modern society. This exposure provides an eye-opening insight into the struggles of our current society. As an author, my desire is to explore the many aspects of romance and relationships through the realistic mêlées of contemporary social understanding.

Always curious, I would like to hear comments about modern romance from others perspectives. Comment below or leave a thought on twitter or Facebook.

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