As I listen to conversations, I am fascinated with the development of our language. One new word being used is “texted”. In reality, text is a noun. Any attempt to make it a verb is an interesting experiment, but the reality is “I did text him” is correct whereas, “I texted him” isn’t. Nevertheless, “texted” seems to be growing in popularity even if it isn’t correct.

Another different  word is “conversate”. There is no word “conversate” in the dictionary, but as much as I hear it being used, it will probably be there in a few years.

The word “prioritize” didn’t exist until the political campaign of 1979, and now it is part of life. So I guess I need to PRIORITIZE my TEXTED information so I can CONVERSATE properly. No wonder the Brittish say we don’t speak English, we speak American. 

Join our blog family and let’s make up our own words. If you join you will be spectatuioulsy rewarded. Yep, you will be. Sign up and find out. Hit Facebook or Twitter and we will be greatfulious.

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