Audiobooks – friend or foe

audiobooksAudiobooks –

I have had several discussions with other writers in which we shared our opinions about audiobooks. Personally, I like them and have set a few of my books to audio. One author complained audiobooks were a prostitution of literature and should not be categorized as books. Not sure what he meant, but his statement was said in a manner that precluded discussion.

It is reported in the western world, only ten percent of the population over 21 actually buy and read books. If true, it is a sad statement. It went on to report over fifty percent of the same population watch a movie. I guess the remainders are watching Honey Boo Boo or something.

Anyhow, If audiobooks can reach more people, then I say bring them on and develop more “readers”. What are your thoughts on audiobooks and please share your experiences as an author or reader either as a comment on this blog or on one of the links. My audios can be found at Audible

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