Help with a choice

I need help. Here is the tag line for a new book. Which cover catches your eye and fits in best.

France lost” five nuclear missiles.

North Korean “found” five nuclear missiles.

Only a young woman from Brooklyn can stop World War Three — and she doesn’t even know it.








Vote 1,2, or 3 in comments or on the poll below. Thanks for your help.   JTT

4 thoughts on “Help with a choice

    • The book is finished, just can’t figure out what the title is. Never had that problem before. Dawn is the main character thus cover 3. It starts in Paris but moves over to New York, however the French police play a large part in the story. Thanks for your thoughts, I hope to figure all this out someday.

  1. Hi James,

    Maybe not the reply you were hoping for, but I would not necessarily go for any of the three on it’s own, but possibly a combination.

    Option 1. The use of Paris would suggest the action is there, yet the tagline suggests differently? If the only relevance of Paris is to draw distinction to the fact that France has lost nukes, then for me the first cover doesn’t fit on it’s own.

    Option 2. Maybe a stereotype, but taking the background image along with the word Dragon took my mind towards China/Hong Kong rather than Korea. The image itself is nice, but… feels slightly too ‘thin’ to be a cover in it’s own right for the material suggested in the tagline.

    Option 3. Again a nice element, albeit I think the font style of option 1 would look better to match the ‘hard’ image being shown.

    My honest suggestion would be think about a combination of the three covers as follows:

    Take the mushroom and superimpose on it the Paris night scene on the lower half of the cover, then try that with the title from option 2?. Just a suggestion on what type of cover I would pick up in a store.

    Mail me if you want to discuss any of the above 🙂


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