I am a novice when it comes to social media, so I simply wander around the Internet and spend a lot of time working on my blog, webpage, Facebook page, email and Twitter. I would rather spend the time writing a new book, but alas, this is the punishment I receive for trying to tell people about my publications.

Twitter to me is an enigma. How and why do people spend time communicating their life in 140 characters? It is an interesting phenomenon of our times and it does show how quickly we learn to communicate in short thoughts when necessary. My favorite author is Hemingway, who often favored long descriptive sentences. I guess twitter wouldn’t work for him.

So I now succumb to the system and ask all of you to become my follower on @JTTwerell at twitter. As an incentive I will provide a free copy of my book “Signal 30” to all who become followers. Information can be found on twitter at #myadamcontest. The book is an award winner so it is worth the trip. The tweets will probably not be earth shaking, I can’t get much done in 140 characters, but I promise to be nice to my followers.

HMMM, Jim Jones also had followers and I wonder if he promised he would be nice to them? Terrible thought. Thanks for the follow and feel free to add your thoughts and comments here.


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