Supernatural direction?


In my new book “Off the Hook”, the main character suddenly finds her thoughts and actions being orchestrated by an outside force. She can either ignore these new instructions or follow them. She decides to follow and her life takes a drastic new direction.

In my life I have had moments when it seems my courses or ideas come from thoughts I never considered. I do believe there are spiritual guides to assist us in our journey, but wonder if others ever had this occurrence.

I once had the responsibility for moving an organization to a new location. It was a difficult task and I was unsure how to proceed. As I stood with a group of people, I heard someone behind me say “TRIBECA”. I turned and there was no person to be found. I asked someone what “TRIBECA” was and they indicated it was an area in lower Manhattan, New York. I went to TRIBECA and immediately found the perfect building for the move. There have been many other instances when these “coincidences “ took place and they always produced very interesting conclusions.

Please share your thoughts on this type of “supernatural” experience. I would really like to know I am not the only weird person on the planet.


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