Love my readers


I love my readers. Don’t know most of them and probably never will, but someplace in the world there are people reading one of my books and finding enjoyment. I suppose I could take some aloof position and claim I only write because it is my creative obsession. However true this thought may be, I really love it when someone reads my books.

It usually takes between six months and a year for a book to work its way through my tangled imagination. During these times I live with “people” who tell me their stories and expect me to write them down.  These “people” are the characters in my mind who demand my full attention and completely take over my emotional system.

When I wrote “Catch and Release”, the main character of Dr. Steve Sanders literally took over my life. At one point, when he was confronted with some very difficult problems, I became depressed for two days. Had to take a minute to remind myself he was fictional.

So after I live with these “people” and put their lives on paper, I then release them to the world. This is why I have such joy when they find their way to some reader who invites them into their life. This is why I write. I love my readers.

Any other writers have some thoughts?


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