Thursday Thought


Today is Thursday.  It may not mean much to you but to me it is a milestone of the week. Two days every week I leave the security of my home near the ocean and journey into the chaotic madness known as Manhattan, New York. Wednesday is the first day I go there, which is easier as five days have expired since my last trip and I am refreshed.

Then comes Thursday, which is the second day in the city and I am excited because it signals to me that tomorrow I will once again be in the peaceful confines of my home by the ocean.

Some may view this as a negative outlook on Manhattan, but I prefer to see it as a rational approach to a task. I used to love the city and lived in it for many years. However, after 911 it just wasn’t the same, so I moved to the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

So, as I sit on the train going into Manhattan, I rejoice. Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday. To me, this is a very peaceful thought.



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