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I have had several discussions with other writers in which we shared our opinions about audiobooks. Personally, I like them and have set a few of my books to audio. One author complained audiobooks were a prostitution of literature and should not be categorized as books. Not sure what he meant, but his statement was said in a manner that precluded discussion.

It is reported in the western world, only ten percent of the population over 21 actually buy and read books. If true, it is a sad statement. It went on to report over fifty percent of the same population watch a movie. I guess the remainders are watching Honey Boo Boo or something.

Anyhow, If audiobooks can reach more people, then I say bring them on and develop more “readers”. What are your thoughts on audiobooks and please share your experiences as an author or reader either as a comment on this blog or on one of the links. My audios can be found at Audible

Why do I write?

I just finished the arduous task of getting a book published and I am now in the place of wondering why I write. 


Winston Churchill once said “Writing is an Adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.” 

Anyone who has ever taken on the task of placing thought on paper can agree with this understanding. However, I would add, once you fling it to the public then you become a drooling idiot who tries to get people to read the thing you once loved so much. 

I guess writing a book is like raising a child; you always love them, they make you very happy and cause you great pain. But in the end, you wouldn’t live life without them.

If you want to visit my “child” Click here. While your there tell it I love it even if I grumble a lot. 

Help with a choice

I need help. Here is the tag line for a new book. Which cover catches your eye and fits in best.

France lost” five nuclear missiles.

North Korean “found” five nuclear missiles.

Only a young woman from Brooklyn can stop World War Three — and she doesn’t even know it.








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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Dr. Stephanie Walker knows what it is and how to use it. In fact, she murders people with it.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Walker works with her very wealthy clients by taking control of their unconscious mind, enabling her to manipulate and guide their every action. After she moves a great deal of their wealth to her own private investments, her clients then commit suicide creating the perfect robbery and murder. Detective Joe Stanton of Cleveland Police Department smells something rotten in a series of suicides among wealthy businessmen in the Ohio area. Joe digs into cases discovering the smell may be coming from one Dr. Stephanie Walker. Joe now pits his thirty years of experience against one of the brightest and most devious minds he ever encountered; cleaver enough to even control his thinking. In the midst of this, Dr. Walker has a new client whose very life depends on how quickly someone can shut down Walker’s operation. With twist and turns exploring every dark corner of intrigue, this is a nail bitter to the last unpredictable page.





The other day I finished writing a book and gently placed the words “The End” at the bottom of the page. Then I sat for about an hour and stared at those two words. The story was over, the plot completed, the characters fulfilled their mission and it was time to end.

Yet every time I finish a story I have the nagging feeling it isn’t over. I know there is nothing more to write as my internal tank is now on empty and any further attempt to add to the story will appear as filler. Yet I can’t shake the feeling it isn’t over.

The reason for this is the wake I’m going to have to attend over the next few days.

  • It is a wake for the wonderful people who filled my life over the last six to twelve months as we wandered through the creation of their stories.
  • It is a time to separate from the ruthless killer who terrified my gentle lovers. He will be missed.
  • It is a time to lay to rest the passionate moments I shared with my romantic couple as they steamed up several pages with their sexual desires. They will definitely be missed.
  • It is time to say goodbye to Paris, Rome, New York, Hong Kong, North Korea, Cleveland Ohio, Miami Florida and a hundred other wonderful places I visited with these magnificent people who shared and created my life over the last six to twelve months.

It is a sad wake, yet one that must be attended when the last page finally reads “The End”.

So to all who ever typed “The End” and then paused as sadness seemed to crowd out the sense of accomplishment, I extend my sympathy. Remember this, there will be a day when you put your fingers on a keyboard or pic up a pen and then write “Chapter One”. It will be a wonderful day filled with hope, life and love. It is why we do what we do.

Any thoughts?

The End.



When I check my thesaurus for the word passion, I find substitutes of desire, hunger, thirst, lust, urge, ache and several others. When people ask why I write, I simply state it is part of my passion, which is a true statement. However, when I research further I find the word passion is from the Latin verb pati, which literally means, “to suffer”. I guess when I think about writing and passion, I can truly understand the suffering part. I’m not into playing victim or feeling like a martyr for my cause. Far from it, as writing is my choice and I willingly enter into my passion with eyes wide open. However, let’s think about the suffering:

  1. We suffer when we don’t write because characters, plots and other diabolical schemes pound through our brain.
  2. We suffer when we do write because all the characters, plots and other diabolical schemes now have freedom to pour out of our beleaguered brain.
  3. We suffer when our creative efforts are finished because now our characters, plots and other diabolical schemes fall pray to editorial warfare, which generally leaves behind many wounded.
  4. We suffer when it comes time to present our creative effort to the world around us and find our voice lost in the multitude of other creative works filled with characters, plots and other diabolical schemes.
  5. We suffer when our creative effort finally finds a voice and is recognized by the world around us, for then the outside critical voice begins its campaign to find fault with our characters, plots and other diabolical schemes.
  6. We suffer when we walk away from this process of creativity, swearing we will never subject ourselves to its cruel devices.
  7. We suffer when we don’t write because characters, plots and other diabolical schemes pound through our brain.

And we begin once more. Why do I write? It’s my passion. How about you? JTT



I am a novice when it comes to social media, so I simply wander around the Internet and spend a lot of time working on my blog, webpage, Facebook page, email and Twitter. I would rather spend the time writing a new book, but alas, this is the punishment I receive for trying to tell people about my publications.

Twitter to me is an enigma. How and why do people spend time communicating their life in 140 characters? It is an interesting phenomenon of our times and it does show how quickly we learn to communicate in short thoughts when necessary. My favorite author is Hemingway, who often favored long descriptive sentences. I guess twitter wouldn’t work for him.

So I now succumb to the system and ask all of you to become my follower on @JTTwerell at twitter. As an incentive I will provide a free copy of my book “Signal 30” to all who become followers. Information can be found on twitter at #myadamcontest. The book is an award winner so it is worth the trip. The tweets will probably not be earth shaking, I can’t get much done in 140 characters, but I promise to be nice to my followers.

HMMM, Jim Jones also had followers and I wonder if he promised he would be nice to them? Terrible thought. Thanks for the follow and feel free to add your thoughts and comments here.


I Am Adam – free book and study guide




Wrote a book called “I AM ADAM” a few years ago, which is a different take on the creation story. Over 10,000 readers worldwide but I now want more people to read and think about the book, so it is now all free.

I am Adam is a fictional story about the creation of the human species. The core to the book comes from the bible verse in Genisis 5: 1,2 “This is the book of generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God Made he him: Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

I found this an interesting statement. It is in the Judeo/Christian writings, but generally overlooked. It is a statement of true equality between male and female – they both were called Adam. This was a true proclamation of harmony and oneness in the creation that greatly lost its significance as the patriarchal overtone began to consume theological understanding. If original concepts avoided the duality of understanding that dominates our society today, how different would the creation story be? I think it would be a love story reflecting the beauty of the love of the creator toward creation and the creations love for each other. Fantasy? Yes, but much kinder than some of the reality facing us today.

I decided to start a story about creation formulated around this theme of unity and equality. The book had no outline; I simply let it write itself. As it took on its own life, it became a mystical experiece in which thoughts and concepts I had never considered began to appear before me. Since its publication, I am Adam has been a sourse of inspiration and conflict, depending upon who was reading the material. The study guide for the book is found click here

Obviously, it will help if you have a copy to read. If you want a free copy Click Here.  If you want a hard copy or audio (not free) click here

The eBook


I cleaned out the garage the other day and found some old books, which were no longer in good shape. Sadly, I had to throw them away to recycling, a task I dislike as I want to keep all my books.

Then it dawned on me the eternal value of eBooks. I have hundreds of books in my computer and Kindle that will never grow old. Recently I downloaded a copy of Hemmingway’s “Movable Feast”, which was in perfect shape and will be forever.

So to the technical geniuses who came up with eBooks, I salute you. You have made my favorite forms of literature eternal, as long as my computer doesn’t crash and I remember to back up my drive.


Supernatural direction?


In my new book “Off the Hook”, the main character suddenly finds her thoughts and actions being orchestrated by an outside force. She can either ignore these new instructions or follow them. She decides to follow and her life takes a drastic new direction.

In my life I have had moments when it seems my courses or ideas come from thoughts I never considered. I do believe there are spiritual guides to assist us in our journey, but wonder if others ever had this occurrence.

I once had the responsibility for moving an organization to a new location. It was a difficult task and I was unsure how to proceed. As I stood with a group of people, I heard someone behind me say “TRIBECA”. I turned and there was no person to be found. I asked someone what “TRIBECA” was and they indicated it was an area in lower Manhattan, New York. I went to TRIBECA and immediately found the perfect building for the move. There have been many other instances when these “coincidences “ took place and they always produced very interesting conclusions.

Please share your thoughts on this type of “supernatural” experience. I would really like to know I am not the only weird person on the planet.